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Student Showcase

Graphic Design

Amelia Deacon

The graphics pro Amelia uses bright colours in her beautiful illustrations.

Laura Odena

Formerly a professional dancer, Laura wanted a career change into Graphic Design to explore other forms of creativity and story-telling. She has been a student with us for a few months and is already putting together a portfolio, and working on her own projects.

Lula Welch

Portfolio ready Lula joined LFDS and has now secured a spot at university. Once seen as out of reach has now been made possible!

Nicole Gamble

Nicole is teaching whilst studying at LFDS. What we love is that she has a passion for illustration. You can tell by her beautiful hand drawn illustrations which were further developed in Photoshop.

Architectural Design

Archie Buxton

Archie steered more towards the architectural side of design since he joined LFDS. Now he's secured an internship at an architectural firm - we can't wait to follow him on his journey!

Sophie Declerck

Sophie is a PHD student and an LFDS student. She's doing it all and we're so impressed!

Sowmini Suresh

One of our newer students is Sowmini. A trained architecture who wanted to developer her software skills. Sownimi brought her buildings to life by using Vectorworks and Twinmotion.


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